A Day Out in the Yarra Valley


Going through these photos of our day out in the Yarra Valley winery region is making me two things: very hungry (just look at the cheese board) and very, very thirsty (look at all of those glasses of wine).

After living in the United States and tasting all of the wonderful wines that come out of California, Washington State etc, I was beginning to forget how good Australian wines really were, especially ones from the Yarra Valley. But as soon as we had our first tastings at Sutherland Estate I was reminded why this region is one of the best in the world: the wines are amazing and the scenery is just as perfect.

About a 45 minute drive from Melbourne CBD, the Yarra Valley is a cool climate region (it’s hardly cold, but cold-ish for Australia!) and boasts over 70 different vineyards and wineries… that’s a lot of wine.

 We visited four wineries: Sutherland Estate (amazing view & great range of wines), Shantell Vineyards (gorgeous winery, the restaurant looks amazing), Mandala (they’ve named one of their wines “Black Lab” after a late black labrador = cute!)  & Sticks Wineries (oh.. the buttery, oaky Chardonnay (2010 No. 29) and the cheese platter… need I say more). It was the perfect way to spend some time with my sister (pictured with me below) after being apart for almost a year.

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  1. 6.8.13
    Mary said:

    Looks amazing and your sister is beautiful!

  2. 6.8.13
    Cristina said:

    Wonderful photos!! This place is really beautiful, I hope to visit Australia someday! xoxohttp://heelsandpeplum.wordpress.com/

  3. 6.8.13
    Olga Federico said:

    Great photos!www.lostindaydreams.com

  4. 6.8.13

    Australian wines are not to be underestimated…they are one of my favorites…what a beautiful wine country you have so close to your home….http://www.bellaconscience.com/2013/06/bright-tunics-for-summer.html

  5. 6.9.13

    Amazing photography! I so wish to go to Australia one day :)http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/

  6. 6.9.13
    Danielle said:

    I’m loving these photos! You had the perfect shutter speed to capture the wine being poured and swirled. This post is making me hungry and thirsty now too!

  7. 6.9.13
    Jackie said:

    Beautiful shots! Scenery is breathe taking! You and your sister look great!xo, Jackiewww.stylemydreams.wordpress.com

  8. 6.10.13
    Donald said:

    Gorgeous shots! Australia looks so beautiful, definitely one of my top must visit places.

  9. 6.10.13
    Jamie "ChatterBlossom" said:

    Wow, you and your sister are beyond cute! So easy chic, the both of you. This looks amazing by the way. Wineries and yummy cheese, oh my! One of my very very favorite wines is a dessert wine from Australia. It is Dandelion, Pedro Ximenez, Barossa, 2NV. You should get yourself a bottle if you’ve never tried it. It is absolutely perfect with a cheese board. It tastes like the best kiss you’ve ever had. ;-)-JamieChatterBlossom

  10. 6.10.13
    Kate Lees said:

    The Yarra is so beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful time x

  11. 6.10.13

    Idyllic backdrop, the vineyards have a beautiful charm, the production of the perfect grape is super fascinating.

  12. 6.10.13
    Elizabeth said:

    These photos are a dream and I’m loving both of your outfits. The leather accents are so chic!xx ElizabethChampaign Taste

  13. 6.11.13

    Now I’m hungry and thirsty! Beautiful shots.www.trashtotreasured.blogspot.com.au