Are Lululemon Align Leggings Worth the Price?

Whenever I share Lululemon align leggings on Instagram I almost always get the question ‘Are Lululemon align leggings worth the price?’. Because of this, I decided to write an honest review on if I think they’re worth it. Since they’re just under $100 per pair, I know it can be difficult to decide whether to splurge or save, but I can tell you right now: they’re 100% worth it. If you’re on the fence at all about purchasing them, just get them. I promise you won’t regret it!

Lululemon align leggings
are Lululemon leggings worth the price

I’ll start by saying that over the last year I’ve been living in my Lululemon align leggings. They’re super comfortable, buttery soft, and what I actually wear 99.9% of the time ha! Since most of us are on zoom calls and working from home during the day, you only need to look professional from the top up. I’ve definitely taken advantage of this more than a fair share of times by wearing my them when working from home.

On weekends Lululemon align leggings are my go-to for staying comfortable when I’m running errands, grabbing a coffee, or just staying in. You can’t go wrong with plain black since it’s a chic and versatile color that looks good with anything. I styled the align leggings with a grey cropped pullover and white sneakers a few weekends ago when out and about for an effortless outfit. also love wearing Lululemon align leggings when doing pilates and yoga. They’re supportive and come in so many fun colors, that you’re definitely going to want to grab more than one pair!

Lululemon align leggings



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The leggings fit true to size and I wear a size 4 in them. They also come in a few different lengths depending on your preference. The 25″ hit a few inches above the ankle, whereas the 28″ hit right below the ankle. Overall they truly are the best $100 I’ve spent, especially for how much wear I get out of them, so they’re definitely worth the price. I’ve also had my black pair (shown above) for over 2 years now and considering how much I wear them, they’ve held up amazingly. They haven’t lost their shape or stretch in the slightest, and the material still looks surprisingly fairly new! 

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