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I have to admit, I’ve never been one to do much with my hair, in fact it was only last year that I got my first ever highlights. Until then, my hair pretty much remained untouched apart from the occasional trim. This stemmed from 3 things – my Mum telling me from a young age to NEVER dye my hair, almost every hairdresser I’ve ever been to saying “you’re so lucky to have natural hair colour like this, women pay $1000’s to try to achieve the same look”, and lastly because I’ve never really had the urge/was too scared to experiment with different lengths and colours.

When it came to girls dyeing their hair fantastic shades of pink, purple, green etc, I always admired them and thought it looked amazing, but never thought it was something that I would do (I mean bright pink streaks in red hair doesn’t sound like the prettiest thing, am I right?). I also always admired their bravery¬†of how could they permanently dye their hair that colour and assumed changing it back would take forever.

However when I was introduced to Brite Organix (a few blogger friends have used it and loved it) and found out that it was not only the easiest thing to apply (you literally just draw it on) and that their products available in their range that wash out after the first wash, I conjured up the courage to give it a go. As mentioned before, I was extremely skeptical on how pink would look in my red hair, however as soon as I did the first streak this morning I fell in love. I never knew that it was possible to get a vibrant colour in your hair without being blonde or bleaching it first.

Brite Organix is also ethical hair colour, is accredited by PETA and does not test on animals – definitely my kind of beauty product. Another great thing about their products is that they are actually really cheap ($14.99 for the pink hair chalk that I used), plus they are available from Woolworths, so now I can actually never thing of a reason to ever have boring hair again!

I USED: Brite Organix Hair Chalk in Bright Pink

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  1. 5.31.15

    Your hair looks so so amazing! The colour really suits you!Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  2. 6.1.15

    This looks amazing!