Unfortunately the warm weather didn’t last long and it’s back to being absolutely freezing again. We had snow the night before taking these pictures but kept putting off going outside in the cold that by the time we left the warmth of our apartment all the snow had melted. Being an Australian who gets excited seeing a frozen puddle (it never gets below 0/32 degrees in Melbourne…ever), I absolutely love it when it snows and become almost childlike when it does.

A lot of bloggers (@thankfifi) have been wearing their coats such as how I’m wearing it above, with it draped over your shoulders rather than having your arms in it like a regular sane person, so I decided I would give it a go. I soon discovered that this was completely impractical and spent most of the time grasping at it to try and keep it from flying away, and found there was no warmth in it whatsoever (isn’t this what wearing a coat is for anyway!?), so quickly switched back to wearing it the normal way. I’ll be sticking to this from now on!

Vintage Country Road Sweater, J Brand Jeans, Zara Coat, Mimco Mittens and Beanie, Tommy Hilfiger Riding Boots

IMG_7173 IMG_7304 IMG_7329 IMG_7186 IMG_7219

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  1. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Sooooooooooo love those boots!xo,Terryterrystwocents.tumblr.com

  2. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Beautiful photos! I love your boots and I agree it’s hard wearing you jacket just on your shoulders especially if it’s a thick coat.xoTiffyhttp://www.CuteLA.com

  3. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    I did the same thing with my coat, and nearly froze to death. And those boots, j’adore!www.trescharmantxo.com

  4. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Ha! I totally agree with you and you know I even zip my coat up when it’s cold, never understand real people on the street who don’t. You look great even with you coat on the ‘normal’ way!xogirlintheyellowdress.com