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Looking at these photos, it’s hard to believe that this is pretty much what winter in Sydney looks like, and the fact that when we were taking these photos, I was down right roasting. Sure, it was a freakishly warm day (26 degrees in the middle of winter – crazy, no?) but I’m sure as not complaining. Any excuse to get me out of roll neck jumpers, coats and boots and into a top that shows a bit too much (I really should have worn some double sided tape, there was a bit of unwanted exposure), I’m all for.

This #freethenipple top (again with the need for tape) from Missguided is one of those easy, “I can just chuck on and it will always look good” going out tops. Team it with a pair of leather look pants and some heels and your good to go!

I’M WEARING:Missguided TopMissguided PantsJoie HeelsSunday Somewhere SunglassesNomadic Bag

Photos by Jessie Khoo

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  1. 8.11.15
    Emily said:

    What a perfect outfit! Love everything about it.. and what’s a bit of nipple between friends?! hahax

  2. 8.11.15

    You look incredible, and NOPE I cannot believe that’s what the middle of winter looks like in Sydney – super jelly of that!!Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  3. 8.11.15
    B-BICHE said:

    oh that’s just amazing! looks like a summer day on the rock overhere :) Look the look top to toe, keep up the good work!XO from Malta,

  4. 8.11.15
    Ari Camacho said:

    I´m in love with this look! I think weather in Mexico city is very similar! btw You look amazing!