Colour in DC


It’s official. I’m obsessed with this Mango shirt and I can’t stop wearing it. I feel like I can wear it with pretty much everything and is probably one of the most versatille peices of clothing I own. Also it is probably due to the fact that most of my clothes are back in Australia and I have a limited wardobe here in America (why I decided to start a fashion blog when 90% of my wardrobe is thousands of miles away is completely beyond me…), so yes, for the moment I will be a serial clothing repeater.

We had such a great time in DC for Fashion Week and met some lovely people. It’s great to meet fellow bloggers out there like myself and swap blogging stories! I absolutely love the city of DC (travel post coming soon!) so it was so nice to be back for such a great event. The night I wore this outfit It was great that the weather had cleared up (slightly) so I could take the all of the layers off and wear some colour, something that I feel like I haven’t been able to do for months.

MNG by Mango Shirt, SABA Orange Blazer, Zara Pants, Michael Kors “Margo” Bag (similar colour here), Zara High Heel Vamp Shoes

IMG_8683 IMG_8681 IMG_8691 orange blazer

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  1. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    That blazer is gorgeous, and I swoooooooon over those shoes!!xo,Terry

  2. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Love this look, and I really want those heels lol- AndreaVA Darling

  3. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    I found you blog through Asos Fashion Finder and I love it! Great work.xx Emilie

  4. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    You look perfect! Love the coral and blue combination of the jackets and shoes!x Mirthe

  5. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Great Outfit !!!. I love the combination of the shoes and the blazer. Very Bold :)

  6. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Seriously in-love with the shoes!Cassandra

  7. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Kind of obsessed with the jacket also! Such a great color :) xoxo KJ

  8. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Lovely outfit! You’ve got a great style!Would you like to follow each other?

  9. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    I am in love with your outfit! Those shoes are just

  10. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Loving the blue pumps. Lookin’ good, Lady! All you need is a Smooshy by your side to pull it together 100%. ;)xoxo,Jules of Canines &

  11. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Wow, your photos look like they could be in a magazine!! Will follow you now!- Mondaynightfashion

  12. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    This color combination is to die for!- Sobbing on Fifth

  13. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Amazing mixture of colours!- Kieron

  14. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    I can die for your heels. I love the colours. Chic and beautiful!

  15. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Those zara heels are amazing! I have a bit of a shoe addiction ;) You paired them perfectly with your blazer and mango shirt.xo,

  16. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    The heels! So cute :) You are beautiful by the way.

  17. 3.9.13

    I am so obsessed with shoes that I cannot take my eyes off them!! You look gorgeous

    • 3.9.13
      admin said:

      Thank you! I’m slightly obsessed with them too… I can’t stop wearing them! x