I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit Washington D.C a number of times due to the fact that we live so close, and one of my favourite things to see each time I come into the city has to be The Library of Congress.

Since we arrived in DC for Fashion Week the weather has been terrible, so we decided to embrace the icy conditions outside and head indoors to the Thomas Jefferson Building, which in my eyes has one of the most amazing interiors I’ve ever seen.

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IMG_7955 IMG_7801 IMG_7930 IMG_7881 IMG_7780 IMG_8088 IMG_7973

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  1. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Love this look, and I really want those heels lol- AndreaVA Darling

  2. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Nice look! Wow, the building is

  3. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    That skirt is beautiful! Looks perfect with the heels! Just found your blog and am your newest Bloglovin follower 🙂To Hell In A Handbag

  4. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    I love this sleek hi-lo skirt. Love this effortless look.VA Darling

  5. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    You look STUNNING. I love this look!xo,

  6. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Stunning & classic look. Happy Monday xoxo KJ

  7. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Stunning shots Charlotte – in love with this skirt too!Thankfifi (now following on Bloglovin’)

  8. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Love this outfit! Everything about it especially the heels!XX,

  9. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    You are a gorgeous model! This should be an ad in a magazine great quality. Seriously, love the outfit and those heels are great I had to pin them.xoTiffy

  10. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Love that colour skirt! Nice :)Best location too xEmmSPIN DIZZY FALLVisit me at

  11. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    How come there was nobody there? You got so luck because you were able to take these photos!Fraquoh and Franchomme

  12. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Gorgeous as always…. I think your skirt and shoes are stunning!

  13. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    I am so impressed ! Everything is just so beautiful.I am also a huge fan of the skirt !Have a nice dayMarine

  14. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Wow your photos look stunning! Absolutely love your outfit – especially your heels, so amazingggg! And you look so lovely. Thank you for visiting my blog, I love yours and following you via Bloglovin’ now!

  15. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love your outfit and the setting is

  16. 2.27.13
    admin said:


  17. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Wow this post looks like an ad campaign! I love the photography, the backdrop, and the gorgeous outfit! Absolutely lovely post :D

  18. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    I hope you’ll keep an eye out on my blog later today. I’ll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.xo,Terry

  19. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    Lovely Outfit !!! Love the Shoes :)

  20. 3.12.13
    Megan Charity said:

    I really love your shirt in this Charlotte 🙂 plus it’s really helpful that the link goes straight to the page, I hate faffing about trying to find things that have been recommended! I will definitely be investing in the shirt once I have the monies 🙂

    • 3.12.13
      W&W said:

      Oh Megan you’re so sweet! I am also in love with this shirt… I wear it literally all the time! Definitely an essential for your wardrobe and worth the money 🙂 x x x

  21. 3.14.13

    […] inside my wardrobe for it every time I get dressed. I wore this skirt in another outfit post (Congress), and wanted to do a more casual look with it and thought a casual denim shirt would dress it down […]

  22. 3.27.13
    Suki said:

    I have just discovered your blog. These photos are so classy. The entire outfit is better than most things in magazines.