Most of our days in Sydney were spent running around from events, to meetings, to shows etc. And of course, all in heels. I have heard that Fashion Weeks play havoc on your feet, but by Saturday night (a few hours after these shots were taken) my feet were so blistered and bruised that I literally could not put on another pair of shoes (not even flats). This unfortunately meant that we missed out on our last show which I was very sad about, but I am quite happy to be back in Melbourne relaxing on the couch. With my feet in slippers.

Evan Evina ‘Gemma’ Slim Fit Overalls, Seed Heritage Contrast Shirt, Nomadic ‘Shoot the Messenger’ Calf hair bag, Wittner ‘Billie Jean’ Boots, Michael Kors Gold Watch (love this one too)

Photos by Nathan Clarke

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  1. 8.26.13
    Mafalda said:

    I LOVE this outfit, you look so chic and fabulous! Great dungarees!Mafalda ā¤www.mafaldadotzero.blogspot.fr

  2. 8.26.13

    Gotta say that I am digging your hairstyle http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/

  3. 8.26.13
    Emily K.g said:
  4. 8.26.13
    Karolina said:

    Such a great look, love how you styled the dungarees! Relax your feet dear! ;)xx KarolinaCARAMODE

  5. 8.26.13
    natalie said:

    LOVE your dungarees lookso chicxxhttp://anoddgirl.blogspot.com.au

  6. 8.26.13
    Cristina said:

    Awesome dungaree! I’ve been searching for one like this with slim fit. I really love how you combine it with the contrast shirt! xoxohttp://heelsandpeplum.wordpress.com/

  7. 8.26.13
    Jamie "ChatterBlossom" said:

    That shirt is the perfect piece for those dungarees. Very chic which is not something I expected to ever say about dungarees! I’m so glad your tired piggies will get the chance to heel and rest. Keep those slippers on for a while!-JamieChatterBlossom

  8. 8.26.13
    Jess said:

    You have made dungarees look fabulous and style! i am actually wanting to go out and buy a pair right now!http://jessielovesjake.blogspot.co.nz/

  9. 8.26.13
    peonies and american honey said:

    love the dungaree! Those booties are lovely.JoPeonies and American Honey

  10. 8.27.13
    Rachel Custer said:

    Love those overalls!!Racheltheoxfordstyle.com

  11. 8.27.13
    Madeline Veloria said:

    I’ve always been on the fence about overalls….but you look awesome in these!!Veloria in Velvetwww.veloriainvelvet.wordpress.com

  12. 8.27.13
    Judy said:

    You pull the overalls off so well :)They look amazing!http://www.voguevillain.com

  13. 8.27.13
    BRETELLE said:

    Hot town! I love how you’ve teamed these with a beautiful silk shirt for a more polished look. Fab!http://bretelle.com.au

  14. 8.27.13
    WorldTasting said:

    Enjoy your slippers =) I often have these slipper days myself, although mostly imaginary, while running from one place to another…xo,Sylvia @ WorldTasting

  15. 8.27.13
    MiliR said:

    I love the fit of these overalls, they’re so sleek! And oh my! Your poor feet! No matter how beautiful those booties are, it doesn’t sound worth it šŸ™Mili from call me, Maeby

  16. 8.28.13
    Isa said:

    Stunning, as usual. And it takes an amazing figure to pull those off that well!http://lasaloperie.blogspot.com

  17. 8.28.13
    Smart Dresser said:

    NIce! Love the boots šŸ™‚

  18. 8.29.13
    Quiqui said:

    Love your outfit! Those booties are gorgeous! Enjoy your slipper’s time!www.notasinfashion.wordpress.com

  19. 8.29.13
    Irene said:

    Those dungarees are fantastic!www.ireneweekly.com

  20. 10.16.13
    Anniepop said:

    OMG… even just standing on the street you look good! I work near the City and pass this street every day, wouldn’t even have imagined to take pictures on this road and have them turn out this great!http://www.anniepop.com

  21. 9.15.14
    Kristy W said:

    you’re simply stunning!xxwww.kristywho.com