The Best of the Online Sales with Fashion Lane

Sale season has officially begun, and who doesn’t like a good bargain? Personally, I loveeee a good sale when it doesn’t involve spending hours trawling the internet/shops searching for these summer sale items” of course. Well, not to worry because I’ve got you covered! I am about to reveal one of my favorite online shopping destination that’s about to make your life a whole lot easier, ready? 
Ever heard of a website called Fashion Lane? They house the best fashion sales from 80 online fashion stores. Instead of visiting every fashion store and going through their sales individually (Ahhh, couldn’t think of anything worse), Fashion Lane aggregates all sales daily and lists them, all in one place. 
I can shop some of my favorite stores like ASOS, Saks and Shopbop to name a few in one handy, centralised location. How convenient? Save’s me the frustration and a whole lot of time. 
You can search for your desired product on Fashion Lane three different ways:
  1.  Via product in the search bar (ie. white jeans), 
  2.  Via designer or brand 
  3.  Via item category. (ie. Women’s Jeans)
According to Fashion Lane themselves, the website works best when you have something generic in mind that you want to buy. For example let’s say you want to purchase white jeans. You can go to Fashion Lane, hover over Women with your mouse at the top menu, then select Clothing, then click on jeans. Voila! You should see all white jeans sorted by highest discount. 
 Being able to search by designer is definitely a win for me. I’m an absolute designer clothing bargain hunter and am always on the look out for designer items that have been heavily reduced, regardless of what the item is. Yay, to bargains! Fashion Lane allows me to choose the designer I’m looking for (in this case Chloe) and as you can see if you click here or via the screenshot below. I can see all of the Chloe items that are on sale, from all over the internet! Mind blowing, huh? I’m dying over these shoes which I found using Fashion Lane. 
 You’re Welcome. Happy Shopping!

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