Finally I’m able to put up a new blog post. If you follow me on my Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen the post I put up in regards to my blog being hacked. Some kind person decided that it would be fun to put in some malicious files into my hosting account, which meant I had no access to the back end of my blog, and when you went to my URL all you saw was a blank white screen. Apparently this isn’t uncommon either as it also happened to a few other bloggers that I know at the same time. Luckily it was fixed pretty quickly and that none of my blog posts had been deleted and everything was still the same.

So now that everything is up and running again, I am back into the full swing of things wearing an outfit from Target. An outfit such as this one has become such a staple for me, especially for when I’m at work as it is comfy and cool, something that is really important when you work in an office with no air con! I’ve always been a sucker for leopard print, and this Target top is no exception.


Target Shorts & TopJoie BagSeed SlidesKsubi Sunglasses

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  1. 2.15.15
    natalie said:

    that sucks you got hacked!great outfit though, glad to see your backx