Gems to Spikes

This outfit is something that you’ll see me wearing all Spring and throughout Summer as it is so comfortable and most of all, cool (temperature wise!). If you live anywhere on the East Coast USA you’ll know that it has all of a suden become pretty warm, which meant me running out to stock up on a few summer clothes as I bought nothing but winter things from Australia with me.

When I was wearing this I realised how many different details my outfit had, from the gems on my H&M shorts, the spikes on my necklace, shoes and bag as well as studs, which is something that I love.

You’ll probably notice I’m wearing the same necklace as I wore in my last outfit but I don’t mind being a repeater as I love it so much! I found it at Macy’s without a tag so I have no idea what brand it is, otherwise I’d be frantically googling their stuff trying to see what else they made.

H&M Jewelled Shorts, Country Road Top, Michael Sandals, Langford Market Bag, Michael Kors Gold Watch, Tiffany & Co. Gold Earrings

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  1. 4.23.13

    love the gems!

  2. 4.23.13
    Caterina Drak said:

    amazing look! I love the shorts!

  3. 4.23.13

    Love the sandals you’re wearing and the shorts look really nice with the gems.Louisedreamdustx

  4. 4.23.13
    andréa said:

    love the gem detailing on the shorts.-AndréaVA DARLING

  5. 4.23.13
    Danielle Phillips said:

    Just beautiful! The gold accessories pair so nicely with your olive green shorts and the bejewelled pockets are such an interesting

  6. 4.23.13

    Wow. What an outfit! This is very me as I like to keep it simplistic with a few details in focus. xoxo KJ

    • 4.24.13

      I agree! Sometimes I like to wear lots of accessories and other times I just like to keep it simple. x

  7. 4.24.13
    Namrata Kedar said:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I adore those shorts you are wearing. Would you want to follow each other? Follow me, and I will follow you right back :)Namrata

  8. 4.24.13
    Queenly Tan said:

    Loving this army-like look 🙂 Love that shorts! Want one too haha

    • 4.24.13

      Thank you! It is military-like isn’t it! Perhaps that’s cos I live near a military base and it’s rubbing off on me 🙂

      • 4.25.13
        Queenly Tan said:

        Oh I see haha! That sounds fun, but isn’t it a tad bit nervous ’cause of their training and the likes?

        • 4.25.13

          When I first moved here it was a little bit weird seeing everyone in military uniform but now it’s just normal! The only annoying thing is the fighter jets doing training at 9am every morning… they are sooo loud!

  9. 4.24.13

    Very Spring. Love it !!!

  10. 4.24.13
    Stephanie / fashionbysterup said:

    Love your outfit :DYou have really great style !! <3//

  11. 4.24.13

    Beautiful outfit!! I love your shorts!!

  12. 4.24.13
    all things said:

    amazing blogdo u want to follow each other on facebook and gfc? Let me know :)

  13. 4.24.13
    Jackie said:

    I love everything about this outfit! You look fantastic and I can see why you love that necklace so much, its gorgeous! It reminds me of this tribal ivory necklace I saw online but only yours is in gold! Hey, are your sandals comfy?xo,

    • 4.25.13

      Ooo the ivory tribal one sounds amazing!! These sandals are so comfy, I didn’t have to break them in at all! x

  14. 4.25.13
    natalie said:

    love your look!xx