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It’s that time of year again… The beauty of New York Fashion Week. It’s an intense week of putting looks together, shooting campaigns, and attending shows and events. Getting around during fashion week gets super stressful because EVERYONE is trying to get to the next show/party.

Luckily for us, Uber has a new rewards program and it’s broken down into tiers. As an influencer, my schedule is always changing and I need to be able to adapt. As a Gold tier Uber Rewards member, I have Flexible Cancellations, which means that I’m able to cancel a ride and have my cancellation fees be fully refunded when I rebook within 15 minutes. Mind you, Pool trips are excluded and this is for limited use only.

Flexible Cancellations came in handy today. I was getting ready at home to meet my friend Kahina for drinks at in Fort Green, Brooklyn. I booked my Uber and then got a text from Kahina saying she was running a little behind on our girls afternoon drinks. Fashion Week is upon us all and things got a little crazy as she got delayed at work. Once she texted me she was running late, I was able to cancel my ride and spend a little extra time getting ready at home, then rebooked another ride within 15 minutes. I was fully refunded for my prior ride request that I’d cancelled, and was then on my way to drinks!

If you have a crazy schedule like me that needs to be adjusted at a moments notice once in a while, then the Uber Rewards program would benefit you greatly! All you have to do is sign up and you get points for every eligible ride and Uber Eats order. Drinks with Kahina went well, she was exactly 15 mins late like she said she was going to be and I arrived just a few minutes before her, just in time to order us some wine!

Learn more about the Uber Rewards program at Terms Apply.









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  1. 2.10.19

    Uber is my go to ride here in Delhi, India too!