Hotel Belleclaire in New York


Scrolling through my Instagram earlier today I realised that I needed to put up a blog post with some of my favourite pictures from my recent trip to New York. Although it feels like a lifetime ago, I was there just over a month ago and looking through these pictures makes me want to head straight back. New York is a city that I can never get enough of and one I can never see myself tiring of, and while some people find it overwhelming and exhausting (and in many ways it is), I find every part of it exhilarating, bursting with energy and excitement.

I haven’t included many pictures of fashion or fashion week as I feel like New York in itself is enough, and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from fashion posts. As I did last season, I stayed at Hotel Belleclaire – a Triumph Hotel,  on the Upper West Side which is only a few blocks away from the Lincoln Centre where the majority of NYFW shows are held. Coming back to The Belleclaire again was on one hand was like returning to my home away from home with its familiar feel, rooms and staff, while on the other hand it was like visiting a place I’d never been before – it’s amazing how incredibly different New York is in summer than it is in winter.

The Upper West Side is the perfect area to stay in if you are looking for somewhere a bit quieter to relax after a big day exploring New York. It is more residential with quite a homely feeling, with lots of gorgeous buildings and families going about their daily New York business. From the Hotel Belleclaire you can walk to Central Park (and can pick up a delicious burger from Shake Shack on the way), plus there are 2 subway stations that you can easily walk to which will take you all over the city.

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  1. 10.21.14

    […] Hotel Belleclaire in New York […]

  2. 10.21.14

    Love, love, love! Such gorgeous photos of a gorgeous city! I miss NYC. I love NYC xx

  3. 10.21.14

    that photo of you standing in the street chatting and on your phone is fabulous !!!Have you upgraded cameras or lenses recently? Loved seeing the shots of the hotel and surrounding neighbourhoodIndia |

    • 10.21.14

      Thank you, it’s one of my favourite shots too! I’m still using the same lens and camera as I always have been using but majority of these pics were actually taken on my phone (Galaxy S5), it’s amazing the picture quality phones have these days! But that specific picture of Adriana and I was taken with a 60D and an 85mm lens (my next purchase!) xxx

  4. 10.21.14
    Nathalie Van Hauwe said:

    Those heels! Love everything in this post!Nathalie | THE