How To Save For Your Next Holiday


One of my many New Years resolutions was to dedicate more time (and money!) to travel, however it’s hard to know how to save for your next holiday. Being in New York City makes it so much easier to travel to places I haven’t been before, and since the start of the year I’ve really upped my travel game. In the last year I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Miami, Melbourne, Sydney, Arizona, Mexico, Palm Springs, San Fransisco, Boston, Montreal, and soon to be Quebec (I’m currently on the train heading there as I type this!).

They say travel is the only thing that makes you richer, but all these trips and many more on the horizon have definitely taken a toll on my bank account. As budgeting is important for any traveler, I’ve listed my top tips below to hopefully help you save you cash to put towards your next adventure!



  • This is an obvious one, but start saving as soon as you know you want to travel. You’ll want as much money as possible while you’re away.
  • Cut out the unnecessary spending. You know that monthly Netflix membership that you watch one show off? Cancel it. Or that extra coffee? Keep your $4. Just think to yourself… do I really need another $20 cocktail in Sydney, or would I rather spend that on a bowl of carbonara pasta in Rome, or a Mexican feast in Playa Del Carmen?
  • Be flexible with your travel dates (if possible). You can save so much more on your flights if you’re willing to move your dates around a little.
  • Sign up for price alerts on websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak or Google Flights. I receive an email every Friday with the cheapest flights available worldwide, with dates ranging from immediately to a year in advance. You can really get some good deals!
  • Consider an indirect flight. While we would all love to never have to switch planes, you’ll generally save quite a lot if you’re willing to add a couple of stops to your flight.
  • If you’re not set on a particular destination and are up for an adventure, use the “explore” maps feature on Google Flights. Once you select the dates it will show you the best price to anywhere on the map from your home airport.
  • Accommodation can be a budget killer. Keep your mind and options open by searching for the best digs possible across Airbnb, hostels and hotels. If you want to spend a lot of time around the hotel/resort, go for something nicer, but if it’s just a place to sleep after exploring the city, there’s room for compromise.


  • Once you’ve decided on your location, research cheap eats. While you might be tempted to travel the world spending all your cash on Michelin star restaurants or super trendy Instagramable cafes, eating like this adds up quickly. Do some Googling on where’s the best places to get cheap quick meals, like 99c pizza or $1.50 bagels in New York City, or €2 gyros in Mykonos. It might not be the healthiest option, but you’ll soon work it off with all the sightseeing you’ll be doing.
  • HAPPY HOUR! No one likes spending $25 on a cocktail, so research where you can find cheap drinks in your destination. Particularly in New York City where drinks are a ridiculous price, this can save you a fortune.
  • Skip the Uber’s and use public transport.
  • Play your age card.. If you’re still a student you can qualify for some pretty good savings at museums or public transport. Some places also offer discounts if you’re under the age of 26.

If you’re still struggling with saving enough cash for your dream holiday, borrow it! Nimble offers cash loans for travel (as well as many other things!) anywhere from $300 – $5000. Application is super quick and easy, and once you’re approved they will transfer the funds into your bank account within 60 minutes!

Thanks to Nimble for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 6.10.17
    Alex said:

    Travel QUEEN! Your pics from Coachella are so good. Thanks for the tips, never knew about google flights (clearly living in the dark haha) xx