As much as I hate to admit it, I’m naturally pale. Although I do tan in the summer, my pasty legs haven’t seen the sun in so long that they might be permanently ghostly. I recently got sent a bunch of Le Tan’s products and my life has changed! No longer do I have to worry about pasty limbs, I can look tanned all year round and I have found myself slightly addicted to this stuff. I especially fell in love with their Flawless Legs wash off spray which is what I was wearing in this post. It not only makes your legs the most amazing colour, but hides imperfections such as freckles, sun damage and veins… what woman doesn’t want that!

Only Denim Western Style Shirt (similar here), ASOS Hong Kong Heels (also in black and neon green), Zara Sequin Shorts (similar here), ASOS Rose Gold WatchWitchery Stella PouchGold disc ring

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  1. 8.12.13
    Mafalda said:

    Love the outfit from head to toe, you look gorgeous!Mafalda ❤

  2. 8.12.13
    Nicole said:

    Those shorts are so cool! And I always love a good chambray top. I’m the same way, I totally thought I was getting tan this summer and then I see pictures of myself and sadly, this is not the

  3. 8.12.13

    Trust me I got pale legs too! Self tanning products are lifesavers.

  4. 8.12.13
    Lucy said:

    You look absolutely gorgeous!! love your shorts and purse!

  5. 8.13.13
    natalie said:

    ooo i want to try the le tan products now!gorgeous outfitxx

  6. 8.13.13
    Grace said:

    Love how you paired the denim button down with some glitzy shorts. And that clutch is so cute!Have a great day!GraceA Southern Drawl

  7. 8.13.13
    Donald said:

    Sounds like an excellent product! Gorgeous ensemble ;)Have a nice day!Donald

  8. 8.13.13
    Nathan Clarke said:

    Such an amazing spot

  9. 8.13.13
    Emily K.g said:

    I’m naturally pale as well, I have a Victoria’s Secret wash off spray that I

  10. 8.13.13
    Con estilo al cubo said:

    In love of the complete outfit!! Shorts and sandals are amazingxo

  11. 8.13.13
    Sara C. Parshley said:

    just when I think i’m ready for cooler weather, this outfit happens! love it:)xxsara | |

  12. 8.13.13
    Cheyenne Ji said:

    Beautiful photos! You look amazing! I love your shorts and heels!

  13. 8.13.13
    Rachel Custer said:

    LOVE those shorts! and those shoes are amazing!

  14. 8.13.13
    5thAvenue said:

    I’m a big fan of these shoes, love how you styled them.

  15. 8.14.13
    Stylish ByNature said:

    Love this look from top to toe :) KissesNew Post up…❤

  16. 8.14.13
    alessandra said:

    I love the shoes anche the

  17. 8.14.13
    Marta Purriños said:
  18. 8.16.13
    Cristina said:

    Love your shorts and the sandals with the golden strap!!! You live in a beautiful city! xoxo

  19. 8.17.13
    ra_in_america said:

    great location, great photo, great look!! thanks for visiting my blog, btw! xxLavender Fashion :

  20. 8.20.13

    […] be a song) for years, and their tanning products make anyone look amazing (see the results in this outfit post here). Tip for self tanning: always use a tanning mitt to apply your […]

  21. 8.20.13
    A place to get lost said:

    gorgeus location and even better pictures!!! the outfit is perfect I am in love with the shorts!! I also love jean shirts they seams to go with anything!! have a great day!!!

  22. 9.10.13
    life is a shoe said:

    you look great! I really love your outfit!

  23. 7.20.16

    […] be a song) for years, and their tanning products make anyone look amazing (see the results in this outfit post here). Tip for self tanning: always use a tanning mitt to apply your […]