Life. Spend It Well


One of my New Years resolutions (how is already almost June by the way?!) was to dedicate more time to “switching off”. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me, but if you work for yourself like I do there’s no set 9-5, Monday – Friday hours. People who own their own businesses work around the clock, and it’s incredibly hard to resist the temptation of working on weekends/after hours. Even though I dictate my own schedule, I’ll often find myself organizing a photoshoot for a Saturday morning, or replying to emails at 11pm on a Friday night. Even if I go on a “holiday”, I’m too concerned with producing great content for my blog to actually relax and enjoy the time off.

I’ve teamed up with Marks & Spencer for their “Life. Spend It Well” campaign to help promote the important things in life. It’s so essential to take time to do the things you want to do, as work, money, relationships and general life can get in the way of what’s really important. Marks & Spencer what you to make sure to take time for yourself, and do the things that you actually enjoy!

With this outlook in mind, I took a couple of hours out of my day to do the one thing I love most in New York City: walk the Brooklyn Bridge with my best friend. Even though it was crowded with 100’s of tourists, it was so nice for us both to take a Tuesday morning off work, switch off our phones, have a chat about life and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

I’M WEARING: Black Dress | Denim Jacket | Sneakers | Tote | Boater Hat – ALL FROM MARKS & SPENCER



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