The Perfect Travel Bag


Did someone say a girls getaway to Miami? Count me in! Last week the girls (Emily, Laurie and Cheralee) and I hopped on a plane escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to find ourselves sitting on the beach with Pina Coladas in hand. Since summer is here and Europe is next up on the itinerary, I have decided to share my best-kept secret to packing efficiently this vacation season.

I know traveling can be super stressful and gone are the days I lug around a huge, overpacked suitcase for a two-day trip – trust me I have learned the hard way! 

Recently Cheralee and I discovered Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe bag which made our traveling experience this past weekend an absolute breeze. The bag  was big enough to fit literally all my 2 day essentials and was small enough to take it as carry on. No baggage to check in and no luggage to wait for upon arrival…

Impressed? I thought so.

The bag has proved itself for long distances trips too. Without a doubt, this will be my carry-on luggage while traveling to Europe. It fits perfectly into the baggage compartments. It also keeps my items organized and ready to go at all times. One of my favorite features is the bottom zipper pocket perfect for all of my shoes, toiletries or duty-free shopping space. It also has a bunch of interior and exterior pockets, perfect for storing essentials like sunglasses, underwear, and electronics.

  An added bonus, it comes in a bunch of different colors so traveling in style is definitely not a problem. 

My top packing tip: No need to pack a beach bag for your next holiday because the Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe bag takes you from airport to beach instantly. I unpacked my bag once I arrived at the hotel, and simply swapped out my clothing and shoes for beach towels and sunscreen! Completely multi-functional and definitely a top travel essential for me.

  Have a scroll through the pictures below showing how I packed and used my Catalina Deluxe during my trip to Miami! Safe and happy travels everyone!


I love the bottom pocket that can fit up to 3 pairs of shoes easily!

Managed to fit everything laid out on the couch into the bag – how amazing!

Love the exterior pocket – perfect for essentials like an iPad, passport and headphones.

Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Bag


Love there’s a strap at the back that can be attached to the handle of your luggage!


Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Bag Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Bag Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Bag

Thanks to Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 6.30.17
    Jenelle said:

    That bottom shoe compartment is such a good idea! I love that it is made of canvas too, the last thing you want to add to your weight on a short trip is an extra carry all tote to chuck all the gear in you need to head to the beach or take out with you for the day. Such a good idea! Your trip looked so good as well. I am craving some warmer weather right about now!xx

  2. 6.30.17
    Lindsey said:

    Great post + your pictures are urging me to plan a beach getaway! Quick question for you…is your Catalina Deluxe the small or large size? I would love to get one, but want to make sure it qualifies as a carry-on. Thanks so much!

    • 7.7.17
      Winston & Willow said:

      Hi Lindsey! Apologies for the delayed response! I got the small one, it was a great size for a 3 day trip! And it definitely was perfect for a carry on.Hope that helps!

      • 7.19.17
        Lindsey said:

        Perfect! Thanks so much.

  3. 7.5.17
    Alex said:

    This is actually so good and not super expensive. Did you get the thistle color?

    • 7.7.17
      Winston & Willow said:

      I did! It’s such a lovely colour.x

  4. 7.8.17
    Madison said:

    I need to know where those white flared cropped pants are from *heart eyes*

  5. 7.10.17
    michaela said:

    Wow, this bad sounds amazing! I think it would be perfect for my short trips back from during long weekends. Thank you for sharing <