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Like anyone, I live in jeans and find myself wearing them almost daily, especially in the cooler months, as they are such an easy option and are guaranteed to always look good. Over the years however, I’ve struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans, fit and material wise, to suit my shape and that are comfortable enough for me to wear all day. Although I’m very, very blessed (thanks Mum) with being naturally quite slim, like the majority of girls my body isn’t perfectly in proportion with my legs being very thin (chicken-like to be precise), and my hips being quite wide. As a result I’ve always been left with jeans that are uncomfortably tight around my tummy, but so loose around my legs, particularly the knees, that I may as well be wearing trackies. Not ideal.

The material for me has also been a big issue when it comes to finding the perfect jean. I think we have all had those annoying pair of jeans that you spend half your pay check on, only to have them swimming on you 2 hours later, and the only thing that can get them back into a shape that slightly resembles what they used to look like is to stick them in the dryer for 3 days. Then there are the jeans that have absolutely no give at all however you purchase them thinking that they will stretch into the perfect shape, but they never do so you end up walking around like you have braces strapped to your knees.

But alas, those days for me are now gone since the discovery of my favourite denim brand, Mavi. This post is not whatsoever a sponsored post, more of a public service announcement to let you all know how darn good these jeans actually are. They are so unbelievably stretchy, they feel like you’re wearing leggings, however¬†they don’t have that ‘jegging’ look that I hate so much, and they also never, ever loose their shape, no matter how many times I wear them before washing them. They also come in a great range of different washes, lengths and styles, and the best thing about them is the price! Under $150 a pair and they are often on sale (such as these from Nordstrom) So far I’ve managed to get myself 5 different pairs and they have all been as good as the next, with plans to get many, many more.

I’M WEARING:Mossman Coat (sold out, but almost identical here & here)ASOS Knit (also available in olive)Mavi Jeans (also avail from Nordstrom (on sale) & The Iconic)RMK BootsMimco Bag & Bracelet

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  1. 6.19.15

    Love this post! xx

  2. 6.19.15
    natalie said:

    i need to check out mavi jeans! they look like a fantastic fit on youx

  3. 6.22.15
    Yvonne Lw said:

    Jeans can be very tricky – but these look great on you. Will definitely check out the label.