My Experience with Olay Retinol 24

Brooklyn, NY

It’s almost Winter here in NYC and the holidays are around the corner. Although I’m so excited for the cooler weather (I hate the heat in the city) and love Winter in New York, the cold really dehydrates my skin. I really battle with super dry skin as soon as the humidity is out of the air!

On this whole topic of skin care, you might have seen on my Instagram that I’ve partnered with Olay to try their new Retinol24 products. I’ve mentioned on my stories and IG before that I’ve had a hard time previously with retinol products as they really made me break out, however I was excited to try Olay’s as they have such a high percentage of women saying that it didn’t irritate their skin.

I began using their retinol products in the beginning of October, so I’m here to report back on how it’s worked for my skin! First off, this product is odorless which is perfect for my sensitive skin because it doesn’t irritate me once I apply. While everyone’s skin is different, 96% of users didn’t experience irritation with Retinol24, and I’m happy to say that it also didn’t irritate mine! Olay’s Retinol24 is made with vitamin B3 retinoid complex which makes for the best hydration, better than the best selling retinol. Some are under the impression that it is normal for retinol to irritate your skin (I think we’ve all heard of the ‘purge’ period for first time retinal users!) but it doesn’t have to irritate your skin to work.

After 30 days of using their product, I’ve definitely noticed that my skin is more smooth, brighter and glowing when I wake up. My favourite product of theirs that I used is definitely the night time moisturizer which I used in in place of my regular night cream. I really do feel like my skin looks brighter, and my dark spots do look a little less faded which is amazing! I have been breaking out a little, but i think that’s just due to hormonal things and it is no way near as much as I broke out using other retinol.

I’m excited to keep using the products and see what the next 4 weeks has in store for my skin!

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