My Favourite Amazon Finds (for the home)…


There’s no doubt that America LOVES Amazon, and I absolutely do too. I have to admit that I’m kind of addicted to it and love to spend hours reading reviews on products that I have my eye on. And 2 day delivery? I never thought I could be so lucky!

We all know Amazon is amazing for pretty much everything, however I wanted to share my first Amazon Favourite’s with you starting with things for the home! I’ve lived in New York for almost 3.5 years now, so I’ve collected a fair few items which I adore and would love to share with you to help your household run that tiny bit more smoothly!

  1. Avocado Keeper/Saver – I’m SUPER into trying to eliminate the use of single use plastics in our apartment, and this is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased to help in this area. I’m a big avocado eater (I eat roughly 1/2 an avo every day), and always hated having to wrap up half of it in plastic. This contraption lets you slot in half the avocado (the side with the pit still remaining) and straps it in so it’s almost air tight. I swear it keeps the avo fresh WAY longer than plastic wrap, and it’s reusable! Just pop it in the dishwasher and away you go!

  2. Jewelry Organizer: Like most girls I’ve accumulated far too much jewelry. I love this as it tidied up my messy drawer perfectly and made it feel so much neater. Plus they stack ontop of each other if you’ve got deep drawers!

3. Metal Straws: Everyone knows about metal straws these days so there’s not much to say about these, other than they’re under $6 for a pack of 4, plus come with a cleaning thing-y. Just buy them and feel good that you saved a turtle.

4. Reusable Plastic Wine Glass: I know I just said I’m trying to elimate my plastics, however I just LOVE these plastic wine glasses and before you start yelling at me, they’re reusable AND you can recycle them! They’re great for when you have extra guests over and don’t want to give out your good Ridel glasses, or for picnics in the park, or wines on the rooftop! Also great for by the pool so little ones don’t step on broken glass. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher as they will warp!

5. Reuse-able Silicone Food Bags: Again with the whole trying to eliminate plastics, I love these bags! They hold pretty much anything and are microwave and dishwasher safe. Plus they don’t leak and can be frozen. Obsessed.

6. Velvet Clothes Hangers: I love these cos they’re non slip so you won’t find all of your silky things on the floor when you open your closet door. Plus they’re pretty cheap!

7. Storage Cubes: I love these cos they’re fully customizable, so if you’ve got a weird shaped closet that you’d like some extra storage space in then you can build these to fit that space. I use them at the top of my wardrobe to hold extra sweaters and handbags and I built them in a 2×4 shape. Sturdy too!

8. Garment Rack: Because I have way too many clothes. I love this as it’s a cute rack, not ugly and metal like most of the ones out there. I painted the bottom of it white to make it look extra cute. Love that it wheels around!

9. Can Covers: Last but not least, another gadget to help reduce my use of plastic wrap. These are pretty self explanatory, however they’re great to re seal cans of food (I used for corn, tuna, chickpeas etc). They fit most cans!

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