My Top Current Workout Outfits For Spring

What a weird time we are in at the moment, right? Never in a million years did I ever imagine that we would all be stuck inside our homes, but I guess that for the time being this is our new reality.

I know it’s a struggle to have the motivation to workout from home, but I think that 1. Having a cute outfit to do it in makes it so much easier, and 2. Doing a workout, even for 10 mins, does wonders not only for the body but also for the mind. I know that for me personally, working out really helps with my anxiety and makes me feel a lot happier overall.

I asked you guys over on my Instagram what you are currently shopping for, and apart from loungewear (a post on my fav loungewear pieces is coming soon!) a huge majority of you said you’re on the hunt for some new activewear sets. As a result, I thought I’d share some of my current favourites that I’ve been wearing the last few weeks for my at home workouts. Scroll down to see!

OUTFIT 1: Perfect for all types of workouts. I’m also obsessed with these new Nike sneakers that I ordered, they’re so comfy and actually go with heaps of outfits. 
OUTFIT 2: Perfect for all types of workouts. These black leggings are the best I’ve ever worn. They’re buttery soft and I wear them every time I travel, as well as at the gym. This Split59 bra is super soft which I love, but doesn’t have a great deal of support. I’d recommend the Energy bra from Lululemon (which I also have) if you’re looking for something with more support. 
OUTFIT 3: Perfect for yoga, Pilates, lighter intensity workouts, and of course lounging. I have a few of the Alo Goddess Leggings and they’re lovely and soft. 
OUTFIT 4: Perfect for Pilates, yoga, light cardio and of course, lounging. I love the colours in this set! 
OUTFIT 5: Delicious, soft, comfy fabric, perfect for yoga, Pilates, light cardio and lounging at home.





















A few other activewear pieces that I’ve got my eye on…


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