New York City: Photo Album


This is a bit of a belated post since we went to New York over a month ago, but I just finished going through all of the images we took on our SLR’s and finally got around to editing them. I don’t know about all of you but when I travel I seem to take 1000’s of photos with only a few that I actually go to edit. But still I can’t bring myself to delete the blurry, overexposed ones as they are so filled with memories even if I can’t make out the picture, so they continue to fill up my hard drive and slow my computer down… (note to self: must buy external hardrive).

So these are just a handful of my favourite, non blurry images. Ok maybe more than just a handful.

Photos by myself and Touchline Photography

1. Times Square 2. The incredible Grand Central Station 3. View from the High Line of 26th and 10th 4. NYC bike and cab 5. Amazing architecture in Bryant Park 5. Artwork on the High Line 6. New York Public Library from Bryant Park 5. The best cupcakes from the renowned Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street 6. Times Square at night 7. View of Grand Central Station 8. New Yorkers going about their day on 6th and 36th 9. Snow gathering on my hood whilst taking a photo on my iPhone 10. The High Line in Chelsea 11. View of the Chrysler Building out the front of Grand Central Station 12. Girl waiting to cross the road in front of the New York Public Library 13. View of the Empire State Building from inside the NY Public Library 14. Little roofs on 5th Ave 15. Driving over the Brooklyn Bridge 16. Clock on 5th Ave 17. Biker riding through the snow 18. Subway light 19. Train going past us in the subway at 46th St. 20. Stunning street art on the High Line 21. Snow gathering outside our apartment 22. Times Square

Grand Central Station photography New York City Photo Diary New York Tax's photography Fifth Avenue New York Photography New York Street art photography New York Public Library photography Magnolia bakery cupcakes Times Square photography IMG_0754New York photo album IMG_1625 High Line photography new york IMG_0724 New York City photography New york public library empire state little roodsDriving over the Brooklyn Bridge smallerclockSnow in New York City light NYC Subway photography Chelsea street artIMG_1902 IMG_0786

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  1. 5.1.13

    Love all these great photos. Blurry pictures tells stories too! I tend to save those also.

  2. 5.1.13
    karolina said:

    Wow you took amazing pictures! Hope you had fantastic time! kisses from NYC :)

    • 5.1.13

      Thank you, I had such an amazing time! I can’t wait to come back in the summer though

  3. 5.1.13
    brunetteletters said:

    Great pictures!! I cannot wait to go back to that city again!!Brunette Letters Blog

  4. 5.1.13

    It really is such an amazing city! I definitely want to live there ASAP…

  5. 5.3.13
    Smart Dresser said: