My NYC Living Room with Article


I’ve shown a few behind the scenes pics and videos on my Instagram Stories, but I’m so happy my living room in my new apartment is (pretty much) complete! This apartment is my first “grown up” place, which is not a share apartment or at my Mum’s house, and as a result I’ve really enjoyed decorating this space. When I first moved to New York last April, my boyfriend and I rented an apartment in Brooklyn which was much smaller than this one. We loved the area and the building, but wanted a little bit more space so that we could invite friends over and wouldn’t all have to sit on the floor due to the lack of space for a dining table.

As a result, we decided to move up 30 floors and rent a larger apartment in the same building, and because of our new larger apartment, we needed a new sofa that would fit! A friend introduced me to Article who told me they have a great range of trendy pieces and really good prices, and I fell in love with this grey sectional straight away. I’d also been wanting a marble coffee table for forever, and this one was the perfect price! Scroll down to see some more pics of my living room, as well as my Article sectional and coffee table!

article sofa

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  1. 2.28.17
    michaela said:

    This looks incredible Charlotte! I love the grey hues with the marble coffee table and wooden floors. Gorgeous interior throughout to further compliment a gorgeous space. Huge home decor inspo ! Thank you for sharing xoAll the

    • 3.21.17
      Winston & Willow said:

      Thanks gorgeous! xx

  2. 3.21.17
    OnTrend said:

    You are my favorite fashionista. I really love to check your Insta everyday to get inspriration.I’ve just visited your blog and it’s amazing. Your apartment is so pretty. I love the way you decorate it. It looks simple but comfortable and cozy. I love home decor and hope to see more of the other part of your apartment.

    • 3.21.17
      Winston & Willow said:

      That’s so sweet, thank you! I will definitely be showing more of my apartment once I get it all ready! It’s still very much a work in progress :) xx

  3. 3.22.17
    Mel said:

    Love how light and spacious your living room looks, even though it is in NYC!