Slip Dress & a T Shirt | With Grana


The slip dress with a t shirt underneath has been around the last couple of months, however I have yet dared to try it. But when I stumbled across this silk slip dress from Grana recently, as well as their gorgeous t shirts, I thought, why not give this trend a go! They have an amazing range of silk pieces that are perfect to wear year round.

I’ve worn a bit of Grana over the last couple of years and have always been impressed with their prices for the quality of the garments, and in this instance, their silk is no exception. A little story about silk, if you don’t know, but silk originated from ancient China and the best is made by artisans in Huzhou, a city with a rich legacy and is also known as the ‘City of Silk’. As silk is a very delicate fabric, Grana experts at their silk mill carefully spin their silk into an extra strong 2-ply yarn before it’s tightly woven for additional strength. Grana likes to make sure to leave you with a delicate yet strong garment that goes far beyond the season!

A special treat from Grana, you can get a discount using ‘WWxGRANA’, which will be valid until the end of January 2017!

I’M WEARING: Grana Silk Slip Dress | Grana T Shirt

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  1. 12.1.16
    Kelsey said:

    I love the longer length slip dresses, for some reason I still associate short slip ones with pyjamas. This look and longer length is perfect though!

  2. 12.1.16
    michaela said:

    you pull off the slip dress and tee so well! you never cease to amaze me girl <3 I'm moving to melbourne next year and would love to hear some of your secret photo locations =)

  3. 12.9.16
    sammy said:

    You look absolutely stunning with that outfit!