Superbowl Sunday


For the Superbowl on Sunday we drove to my boyfriend’s parents house who live in the country in Virginia. Along the way we were looking at all the corn fields hoping to find somewhere nice to stop and take some pictures, but all the corn had been harvested and all that was left were open fields. I was trying to find a cute little red barn to take pictures in front of but no luck either, all of the barns were too close to houses and we were worried about annoying the owners. So what we got was a boring open corn field with no corn. But at least we saw some eagles flying above the field! (P.S. Please excuse my wrinkled coat in the second last picture. I blame sitting in the car for 2 hours)

Zara Jeans

MNG by Mango Shirt (similar here)

River Island Studded Shoes (similar here)

Victoria’s Secret Pea Coat

Michael Kors Gold Runway Mother of Pearl Watch

Vince Camuto Black Leather Belt

Hand-made rings

IMG_5236 IMG_5191 IMG_5238 IMG_5241 IMG_5266 IMG_5282 IMG_5311

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  1. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    No, the pictures are amazing! :)xoxo,

  2. 2.27.13
    admin said:

    LOVE this look. I see a lot of personal style blogs out there and I’m impressed with the quality of your photos and taste. Love the belt, love the coat…love love love.xoxo,Jules of Canines &

  3. 7.18.13
    Debbie Adesina said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVe this look simply,casual but also sophisticated Loving the Kors :DPlus Charlotte always kills it x

  4. 7.18.13
    Kristin Fehrman said:

    So pretty!