Taking a Moment


Taking a Moment


Brooklyn, NY


I recently joined an all women’s co-working space and community called The Wing, and I find that working from there a few times a week helps me break up my environment. I used to just work from home and while I loved that, I found myself feeling a little cabin-fever-y, especially towards the end of the day. It’s hard when you work from home to differentiate between work and rest, and I always found it hard to know when to switch off. Also relaxing after a day working didn’t really feel like relaxing as I was in the same space I was in the whole day when I was working.

I think it goes without saying that everyone at some point in their day needs some time to take a moment for themselves to destress and relax in order for them to feel good. When I’m working from my new co-working space, I try to take a break every few hours for a coffee. During these breaks I like to take a few minutes for myself without any electronics to refocus my thoughts and destress.

When I’m not working at home, I usually dress pretty casually, either in jeans and a T-shirt like I’m wearing here, or in a light dress and denim jacket. A T-shirt and jeans is definitely my go to outfit, however I like dressing it up slightly with a cute pair of embellished slides like these ones, and a dressy pair of earrings both from my favourite River Island.


I’M WEARING:  T-Shirt | Slide Loafers | Earrings (all c/o River Island)

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Thanks to River Island for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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  1. 7.10.18
    Alex said:

    Such an amazing space!!