The Boyfriend’s Denim


I don’t know about all of you other bloggers out there, but I have a really hard time coming up with what I am going to call each post. We have a bit of a routine at home and after I finish editing my photos, I turn to my boyfriend and ask him what it should be called. For some reason it always involves mentioning the season we are in and goes something like this…

Nathan: “Hmm, ‘Spring Denim'”?… me: “well there are flowers, what about ‘Spring Flowers’?, him: “‘hmmm…Tulips, or ‘Spring….’, me: “‘Spring Tulips'”?,  him: “no.. that’s not right… how about ‘Tulips with Denim’?”…. me: “…’Spring'”? This goes on for a good 10 minutes until one of us finally realises that calling a fashion post Spring Tulips is probably not the brightest idea.

Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and stopped to take these photos on the way. I am really getting into wearing chambray shirts in lots of different ways, but of course mine was the wrong shade for this outfit, so naturally I decide to raid the other side of our wardrobe and steal the boyfriend’s denim shirt. I also couldn’t wait to use my new favourite things which are these ASOS heels which I got for my birthday, as well as this gorgeous clutch from Knitting You which is made with the soffest leather!

MNG by Mango Shirt (now on clearance! – last worn here), A Store Skirt, Boyfriend’s Denim Shirt, ASOS Hong Kong Heels, Knitting You Leather Clutch, Benah Cuff, Michael Kors Gold Watch, AidenModernVintage Chevron Rings.

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  1. 4.29.13

    Love these shoes! this post is amazing, so different to see the shirt worn like that

  2. 4.29.13

    These are beautiful photos x

  3. 4.29.13
    Namrata Kedar said:

    The shoes are nothing short of killer! Love the gold ankle cuffs!Namrata

  4. 4.29.13
    Caterina Drak said:

    this is a cool trick to make it more casual. still chic!I like your shoes. AGAIN

    • 4.29.13

      Thank you! I really have to do that shoe post you told me to do. I’ll get round to it soon, I promise!

  5. 4.29.13
    Erykah La Rocca said:

    Pretty shoes, love them!Best regards from Poland

  6. 4.29.13

    hahaha. I totally understand. Blog post names can be quite a challenge. Anyway what a great outfit! Another one I would want to wear. xoxo KJ

  7. 4.29.13
    brunetteletters said:

    Very nice and classy look!! Great shoes!!Brunette Letters Blog

  8. 4.29.13
    Danielle Maxwell said:

    I’m going to join the drooling and say that your shoes are epic!!Danielle xx Moda from Dusk ’til Dawn

    • 4.29.13

      Haha thank you! My boyfriend got them for me for my birthday… I think he’s a keeper 🙂

  9. 4.29.13

    This look is perfect!!! I love the sandals and the denim shirt!! xoxo

    • 4.29.13

      Thanks you! Definitely glad I decided to go with the denim shirt. The outfit was a big drab without it. 🙂

  10. 4.30.13
    Kate Lasater said:

    This is a great outfit. I love how chambre can add such a laid-back touch to an outfit, and I really love the 2-tone chambray to have here!xo KateFashaholics

  11. 4.30.13
    thankfifi said:

    you know I love a denim shirt round the waist 😉 and these heels are just gorgeous – you look beautiful head to toe, happy birthday.xThankfifi

  12. 4.30.13
    Jackie said:

    Beautiful heels, definitely swoon worthy!! I want them!lol Great look! I really like the shade of your chambray shirt, boyfriends closet to the rescue:)xo,

  13. 4.30.13
    Donald said:

    I have the hardest time coming up with titles, I think it’s more difficult then creating the actual post at times. I love your shoes, and great styling!xo

  14. 4.30.13
    Olga said:

    What a great look! Amazing photos, love your style! You havea great blog.Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?

  15. 5.1.13
    Queenly Tan said:

    Those shoes are hundredfolds beautiful! haha I’m just being exaggerated. But well, it is really though. :))And that conversation with your boyfriend seems so fun. I myself also talk and think such with myself haha.

  16. 5.7.13
    andréa said:

    I love how you made this outfit casual with just tying the denim shirt around your waist. Such a great trick.-AndréaVA DARLING