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I had been looking for a ribbed/quilted leather jacket for a while now and was so happy when I found this one on ASOS (it was the last one left, yay). I think a good leather jacket is a must have staple item in every girls wardrobe as they are so easy to wear, and can turn any outfit into something amazing.

These photos are from our last day in DC which was spent exploring the city doing some more sightseeing. I thought it was the perfect occassion to wear my new favourite jacket with some jeans and boots for a casual day out. Luckily the weather had cleared up, so we no longer had to stay undercover or inside to escape the near freezing temperatures. As we have both (when I say both, I mean my boyfriend and I… I hope I haven’t been confusing anyone!) been to DC many times and have seen the sights quite a lot, we decided to cut our day short and head back home early. This was mainly due to the fact that we were stuggling with the DC weather and wanted to get home where it was slightly warmer. Even a few degress warmer helps!

ASOS Leather Jacket, Zara Jeans, ASOS JumperMichael Kors Watch, Winston & Willow Designs Rings, Zara Boots.

IMG_8467 IMG_8561 IMG_8535 IMG_8451 IMG_8578 IMG_8631

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  1. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Fabulous jacket! And I love that sweater- so edgy with the slit in the back. Great outfit!xx ElizabethChampaign Taste

  2. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    I love your outfit! That shirt is gorgeous.-Vogue&

  3. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    I love your jumper, such a cool cut at the back! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen any leather jackets quite like yours around, it looks great on you :)

  4. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    This is way too cute! Love love love. New follower! Check out mine too?!xo, Naomi

  5. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Love this look, it’s biker chick chic!Donald

  6. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Lovely photos, I really your sweater the back is so unique. I agree with the leather jacked it is a must have. :)xoTiffy

  7. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    really like the leather jacket with the red jeans! :)Away From The Blue

  8. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Lovely pics. I especially like the Asos jumper. Really cool and adds something exciting to the outfit

  9. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    LOVE the jacket and the sweater. You need to teach me how to shop at ASOS!-AndréaVA DARLING

  10. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Nice Sweater, I love the back . Provocative !!!

  11. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    I love the jacket and I love the sweater and I love the pants!!! Such a fabulous

  12. 3.3.13
    admin said:
  13. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Love the details of your sweater! Nice outfit!- Alexa

  14. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    That jacket is so cool! Those stripey details on the arm are awesome!

  15. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    i love the jacket! :D same as mine but its only from f21. :)wanna follow each other? :) Thnx sweetie!xx,

  16. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Hello honey, thank you or your lovely comment, I love your blog so I am your new follower:) I love that leather jacket and this top back side is oil cool :) x

  17. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Love this look! The slit in the back of the sweater is such a great addition.~ Caroline

  18. 3.3.13
    admin said:

    Great jacket!! I completely agree, every girl needs a great leather jacket. Asos is such a great site to find unique clothes and the have great sales too.I love the back of your sweater! Sexy but in a subtle way!!xo,

  19. 3.10.13

    Love every thing about this outfit!xoxo,CrystalCrystal’s Beauty Corner

  20. 5.4.13

    […] Jeans (last worn here), ASOS Sweater (last worn here), Michael Kors Watch, Zara heels (last worn […]

  21. 5.6.13

    […] worn this sweater a few times on the blog (here and and here) and absolutely love the slit in the back of it. This big slit however is not the best on cold […]

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