The Perfect T-Shirt Bra

Thanks to Hanes for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

I have to admit: I’m a sucker for comfy bras and underwear. There’s nothing worse than slipping on a pair of jeans to later find the so-called sexy lace undies you have on itch like crazy, or your cute cheekies rubbing and riding up in all sorts of wrong places. Similar story when it comes to bras, I hate finding out that your new cute, expensive purchase is actually insanely uncomfortable, with wire digging into your ribs, or itching your ladies. No thanks. It also really annoys me when you purchase a t-shirt bra to wear under (shocker) t-shirts and tops, and you can still see the bra outline. That just defeats the whole purpose of it being a t-shirt bra!

That’s why I was super excited when Hanes sent me their new and modern Ultra Light Comfort Bra which features a sleek, super lightweight fabrication that is virtually invisible under clothes. Not only does it look like you’re not wearing a bra due to their special fused edge design for a smooth look under clothes, but you also don’t even feel like you’re wearing a bra. It is SO soft it’s literally like a second skin. It also of course gives your ladies the perfect shape and support of actually wearing a bra.

As you can see by the pics below, I picked up the super soft super comfy bra in a gorgeous blush as well as a navy colour, and teamed them both with some of Hane’s classic Stretch Bikini undies. Also pictured are the French Terry Joggers. I’ve literally never been so comfortable in bra and underwear in my whole life.

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