The Waiting Room


This post is very special for a number of reasons. Yesterday, my best friend Bec and I spent the day at The Waiting Room at Crown. Bec and I have been friends since we were four and went to primary school and high school together. She is not only a qualified Naturopath, but also the creator and director of the very successful Melbourne based talent agency Mode Talent Management which I also feature in as one of her models. I am excited that Bec will be travelling with me in September on location to shoot in America. We already have some amazing outfits lined up for you to showcase in some of Americas iconic locations and are very excited about it!

The beautiful establishment that we are pictured in is called The Waiting Room which is nestled within Melbourne’s iconic Crown. We were lucky enough to be able to take part and collaborate with Crown for this post and their delectable High Tea, along with clothing boutique Gusto & Elan and the iconic Wittner Shoes.

As for the High Tea, the food and the French champagne were to die for, the service was impeccable and the ambience of this venue cannot be matched with any high tea that I have been to in Melbourne before. I was most impressed with their savoury items and scones, not to mention the beautiful sorbet. If you are travelling to Melbourne, this is one of the top venues to visit and should certainly not to be missed. And if you are a resident of Melbourne be sure to take someone special here for a momentous occasion!

Charlotte Wears: Wild Horses Lace Top & Shorts (both available at Gusto & Elan), Wittner ‘Maxi’ Heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold ‘Amy’ Watch (in gold here), Canix Jewellery Rose Gold Horse Shoes Bracelet

Bec Wears: Mina & Katusha ‘Jura’ Top & Skirt (both available at Guston & Elan), Wittner Heels (coming soon!)

Photos by Nathan Clarke

untitledJuly 25, 2013-52 untitledJuly 25, 2013-37 untitledJuly 25, 2013-76 untitledJuly 25, 2013-87 untitledJuly 25, 2013-77 The Waiting Room The Waiting Room Crown Casino close up 12 The Waiting Room HIgh Tea High Tea Melbourne untitledJuly 25, 2013-161 laugh close up untitledJuly 25, 2013-83 untitledJuly 25, 2013-309 The Waiting RoomGusto & Elan Wittner Shoes Wild Horses Top and Shorts Wittner Maxi Heels

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  1. 7.26.13
    Cristina said:

    Congrats for these new projects…you deserve them! Awesome look, love the lace blouse! xoxo

  2. 7.26.13
    Nathan Clarke said:

    It was such a great time! Loved the High Tea!

  3. 7.26.13
    andréa said:

    What exciting projects coming up, and the food looks amazing!

  4. 7.26.13
    HeyCourtneyRae said:

    Obsessed with those orangish shoes! I need them, they are so fun and hot, and that looks like such a cool place to go too!A Golden State of Mind

  5. 7.26.13
    Nicole said:

    These photos are gorgeous! I want to eat all those little pastries. Both of your outfits are so fun! Looks like you guys had a great

  6. 7.26.13
    Mafalda said:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m a Frenchie who lived in Melbourne for a couple of years, it’s good to see bloggers from Oz, there aren’t that many!You look stunning and your heels are to die for! I’ll be following you!Mafalda ❤

  7. 7.26.13

    That reminds me of afternoon tea in London <3 <3

  8. 7.27.13
    Meelena L said:

    hi girl! I have just discovered your blog and it is really lovely!!great shoes btw ;)xxM

  9. 7.27.13
    Ozden said:

    Beautiful place and great foods :) Looks so yummy haha..And I loved your outfit here.Perfect for this day!

  10. 7.27.13
    Kirsty said:

    I love both of your outfits so much. Love the shoes the most! Amazing.I must go and give The Waiting Room a try. Delicious!!x Kirsty

  11. 7.27.13
    Jackie said:

    You both look great! Gorgeous heels too! I want them both! Can’t wait to see what you girls create during your trip to the U.S.I’ve always wanted to go to High Tea, its looks like fun! Wish we had that here in Canada!xo,

  12. 7.27.13
    Tory said:

    This looks so scrumptious! Stunning pictures too, gorgeous style.RUNNINGINPLATFORMS

  13. 7.27.13

    the place looks so niceand you look pretty! i love the shoes!do join my giveaway (:xoxojoin my relaunch GIVEAWAY. win juicy couture and make up

  14. 7.27.13
    natalie said:

    that’s so lovely that you and bec have been friends for so long :)i never knew the waiting room existed, I must go there!gorgeous outfitsxx

  15. 7.27.13
    sienna7 said:

    amazing blog! stop by anytime :)xoxo Sienna

  16. 7.27.13
    Claudia De Berardinis said:

    everything looks beautiful and not to mention delicious! great shoes and immaculate make up!

  17. 7.27.13

    Really nice pics! You look very beautiful :) I love your sandals, they are so stylish!KissesFrancesca from

  18. 7.27.13
    Jacqueline Rendine said:

    Love your style! Such a gorgeous setting!xo,

  19. 7.27.13
    Coline said:

    seems like you had an amazing night :)Http://Fashioneiric.blogspot.comColine ♡

  20. 7.28.13
    B. in the Know said:

    Oh my gosh this place looks amazing! And I must say I am in love with both of your shoes!!Much love,B

  21. 7.28.13
    Madeline Veloria said:

    A beautiful lace top! And you both are rockin’ amazing heels…LOVE!Veloria in

  22. 7.28.13
    Nanna Freving said:

    Your photos are the most beautiful I have seen in a long time, wow!!xxNanna Freving //

  23. 7.28.13
    Maricruz L. Armenta said:

    Everything looks amazing, really nice photos

  24. 7.29.13
    Tatiana said:

    Beautiful photos and amazing atmosphere :)xxTatiana

  25. 7.29.13
    thankfifi said:

    Incredible shots and clothes! Can’t wait to hear more about your American adventure.xThankfifi

  26. 7.30.13
    Rachel Kim said:

    i love afternoon tea. you look a bit like leighton meester (who i think is gorgeous so i mean this as a compliment!)

  27. 7.31.13
    Alisha T said:

    Ahh that food looks so incredible, will definitely have to check it out next time I’m over in Melbourne!x Alisha

  28. 7.31.13
    A place to get lost said:

    Don’t know why, but this post make me think on gossip girl!! you look like Blair! amazing! love your style pictures blog everything!!