White Denim


I love white denim any time of the year. Spring, summer, autumn, and even winter. I have a lot of people tell me that they would love to wear their white denim jeans during winter but they aren’t sure how as they feel they are more of a Spring/Summer item, but in my opinion, there is nothing better than a big chunky knit, a good pair of ankle boots and a great pair of white denim jeans, such as these high waisted Bettina Liano Zoomer denim jeans. I have been a fan of her jeans since I was a teenager as the fit of them are always amazing, and these jeans are no exception.

Photos By: Nathan Clarke

There are only a few more days to enter the competition to win this amazing Present Perfect necklace. Head here to find out the details of how to enter.

Bettina Liano ‘Zoomer’ Jeans (available in indigo here) also available at UrbanJin, ASOS Crop Top (only $14!), Marcs Tux White Blazer, Zara Heels (similar here and here), Present Perfect Necklace

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  1. 8.16.13
    Emily K.g said:

    Amazing look. I’m also loving the new blog theme! Much neater and aesthetically pleasing Xhttp://denimandglory.wordpress.com/

  2. 8.16.13
    Ellie Deacon said:

    Great outfit.I’ve also noticed from looking at all your previous photo shoots that the area that you live in is stunning!Ellie xwww.accordingto-ellie.blogspot.co.uk

  3. 8.16.13
    Nathan Clarke said:

    Outfit looks amazing!

  4. 8.16.13
    Cristina said:

    Gorgeous outfit!! Love the blue shoes which contrast with the white pants! By the way, I adore the new appearence of your blog! xoxo

  5. 8.16.13
    Katerina said:

    Love this outfit, especially those bright blue heels!!

  6. 8.16.13
    Amy said:

    You look absolutely fabulous. Love the necklace! ▲ WOLF WHISTLE ▲

  7. 8.16.13
    Mafalda said:

    You look fantastic! I’ve got a pair of white jeans and I think they’re a fabulous piece.Mafalda ❤www.mafaldadotzero.blogspot.fr

    • 8.25.13

      I wear mine all the time! Definitely a staple for every woman’s closet

  8. 8.16.13
    andréa said:

    Oh I love the white and grey with the pop of blue heels. Great outfit!-AndréaVA DARLING

  9. 8.16.13

    White is my preferred color.http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/

  10. 8.17.13
    Noelia said:

    You look gorgeuos here!www.breakfastwithmycloset.com

  11. 8.17.13
    Adorate M said:

    This is such a striking look. Love it! x

  12. 8.17.13
    Tory said:

    Great outfit and look at those abs!RUNNINGINPLATFORMS

  13. 8.17.13
    natalie said:

    wow!!you look great, love the lookxxhttp://anoddgirl.blogspot.com.au

  14. 8.17.13
    Mary M. said:

    I LOVE this outfit- how you inclueded the crop top trend and your statement necklace looks incredible! I’m so happy I came across your blog!Have an amazing week,Mary x

  15. 8.17.13
    Sam @ Frills & Thrills said:

    Love the incredible styling of this trendy and chic look, the white jeans look amazing, the necklace is so pretty.

  16. 8.17.13
    Rhea Bue said:

    So sexyyy!!! 😀 i’m in love with your gray crop top!!! 😀

  17. 8.17.13
    Niki DeGoey said:

    Those jeans are awesome! I love the high waist :)And those shoes are awesome!heyniki.wordpress.com

  18. 8.18.13
    Jenny Scott Russell said:

    You look amazing, love the bright blue shoes too xFreya’s Fashion Chapter

  19. 8.18.13
    WorldTasting said:

    Love white denim as well! And the crop top just fits so perfectly with the jeans!xo,Sylvia @ WorldTasting

    • 8.25.13

      Thank you! I never thought I’d wear a crop top with denim (usually go for something wide-legged on the bottom) but love the way they look with high waisted jeans. I’m glad I tried it out!

  20. 8.18.13
    Malin Mueller said:

    Really great blog layout and cool outfit – just the turtleneck is a little too much for me!Pop by my blog if you feel like it:http://kiwipferdchen.de.vu

  21. 8.18.13
    Coline said:

    you look amazing!so beautiful and trendy :)i will follow you !http://Fashioneiric.blogspot.comColine

  22. 8.18.13
    fashion drogue said:

    Yes white denim is a must have piece and chic thing to wear in all seasons. Loving your blue pumps and nice outfit post :)Post is up on my blog xxhttp://fashiondrogue.wordpress.com/

  23. 8.18.13
    Alisha T said:

    Your blazer is perfect xhttp://www.alishayi.com

  24. 8.19.13
    Queenly Tan said:

    I love your new layout Charlotte!! <3Smize with Style

    • 8.25.13

      Thank you! We just decided to change it one day and are very happy that we did.

  25. 8.19.13
    peonies and american honey said:

    I’m a huge fan of white denim as well. Love this look.JoPeonies and American Honey

  26. 8.20.13
    Madeline Veloria said:

    Stunning! Loving this all white outfit…I would wear white all year round 🙂 Fabulous heels too…such a great color!!Veloria in Velvetwww.veloriainvelvet.wordpress.com

  27. 8.20.13
    A place to get lost said:

    wow!! you have the perfect body!! love everything about this outfit, I am a fan of total white looks and I love how you have break with the white with this gorgeous shoes… I am searching the perfect suede blue pumps, and seeing you in this pictures made me wish to have a pair even more. I am going to take a look to these ones right now!! I love love your work Charlotte, you are one of the best ones, I am not kidding.www.aplacetogetlost.com

    • 8.25.13

      That’s so lovely for you to say! I really appreciate it. I love your blog too 🙂 x x

  28. 8.23.13
    Mary Marie said:

    love this look you look gorgeous xmarymariescloset.blogspot.com

  29. 9.21.13
    Emma Diggins said:

    you just look so incredible! look at that bod!Emma xhttp://www.emandthem.co.uk