Cherishing Memories with HP Sprocket & QVC

Thanks to QVC for compensating this post. All opinions are my own.

There’s nothing better than spending time with your girlfriends in your favourite city, enjoying a picnic in the warm spring sunshine. This is a moment I’d love to remember forever which is easily done by taking a photograph of our adventures, however when was the last time you actually went and printed off a photo? For me, it’s been years.

We are all aware that since the introduction of smart phones, photography was changed forever. Did you know that since 2010, the amount of photos taken globally has tripled? And in 2017 it is predicted that 1.7 trillion images will be captured?

While we are all taking more photos, we have also stopped printing these photos out. Gone are the days of taking our camera to the photo printing store to excitingly receive a pack of our unseen images, to later compile these into an album that you’d look at every 3-5 years. I used to be really into framing my favourite images of myself and my friends and family, and scrapbooking images of my trips.  However now I honestly wouldn’t even know where to take an SD card these days to print out images.

I’ve really missed the whole idea of having a tangible image to put in an album or frame, so when I was told about the HP Sprocket (available via QVC) portable printer, I was immediately intrigued. It’s tiny (about the size of an iPhone), comes with its own paper, and is super easy to use – see my pics below for example! You can simply download the app and send the images you’d like to print from your phone via Bluetooth to the printer, and voila! Perfect images ready to go in your scrapbook, and to keep your memories alive and off your phone forever!

If you’re interested in picking up a HP Sprocket for yourself, you can purchase one via QVC here ($129.99!). I’m also giving one lucky person the chance to win one on my Instagram! For more details and to enter click here.

  HP Sprocket QVC HP Sprocket QVC HP Sprocket QVC

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  1. 6.3.17
    MEL said:

    These pictures look so amazing! I actually had a picnic at Central Park in the exact spot last year as well :)

    • 6.26.17
      Winston & Willow said:

      It’s the best spot for a picnic! xx

  2. 6.10.17
    Alex said:

    This is actually so useful. Thanks for sharing!!:)

    • 6.26.17
      Winston & Willow said:

      You’re welcome!