How To Style: Chunky Chelsea Boots

You might have seen over on my Instagram that I’ve been wearing my new boots  but I wanted to put together a guide of how to style a pair of chunky Chelsea boots. 

I’m not going to lie, I was VERY on the fence about this chunky Chelsea boot trend when I first start seeing it all over Instagram. When I first saw the pair of Prada Chelsea boots I swore that you’d never catch me dead in a pair of those. But like most trends I’ve come around and now I’m obsessed.

While I’m all onboard with chunky Chelsea boots, I have one word of advice when it comes to trends like these…

Don’t spend too much money.

While it’s super tempting to go out and spend a heap of money on a designer trend item, just remember that these are trends for a reason. They aren’t going to stick around for long (hello chunky Balenciaga sneakers from 2019) and shoes especially are hard to sell on once they’ve gone out of style. Of course, each to their own, and you go girl if you want to splurge and buy those Prada boots. But you can equally rock this trend just as well by spending 10% of what the designer style costs, and then you won’t feel bad about getting rid of them once they’re no longer considering stylish!

Now, styling these chunky Chelsea boots is a whole different conversation. When mine first arrived in the mail, I didn’t have a clue what to pair them with. However after a quick search on Instagram and Pinterest (thank goodness for social media!), I soon realized there are a bunch of ways to wear these boots.

Below are some of the ways I like to wear them, but there are no rules! A fellow blogger friend of mine, Cass, just styled hers with a matching two piece tracksuit and absolutely ROCKED it. I don’t think I could ever pull it off like she did, but it looked amazing.






Why? Cos they’re a great price, not overly chunky, also come in suede, and look amazing! Otherwise, I’d go for my Mango chunky Chelsea boots (if available!) or my Sam Edelman boots below. 

To shop my outfits, simply click on the images below.

Option 1: With Skinny Jeans

Option 2: With Faux Leather Leggings

Option 3: With A Skirt

Option 4: With Faux Leather Pants

Option 5: With Blue Straight Leg Jeans

Option 6: With Sweatpants

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