ghd Wonderland at The James


I have always wished I was one of those girls who knew how to do amazing hair styles, braids, curls, waves etc on their own hair, but unfortunately I am not and really only stick to one hair style. I learnt a while back how to do curls in my hair with a hair straightener/iron and that is pretty much what I have stuck to. However, after receiving the ghd Wonderland Styler, I feel like I can do a lot more with my hair and feel inspired to get adventurous. I had been using an older hair straightener for a while and only realised how bad it was until I was asked to review this one. I was quite shocked after using my old one for so many years to see how quickly the ghd Wonderland heats up and how smooth it is on my hair. It is really easy to wrap my hair around it when curling, whereas on my old one I often found that it often got stuck, leaving crimp-like bumps in my hair.

For my Valentines Day we were in Chicago staying at the beautiful James Hotel, and for my Valentines dinner I stuck to my regular routine of loose curls, seen here in this video demonstration from ghd.

IMG_7684 IMG_7652 IMG_7713 IMG_7647 IMG_7730

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  1. 3.7.14
    adriana said:

    You’re flawless!

  2. 3.7.14

    absolutely love the red lips + waves!xxsara / /

  3. 3.8.14
    Caroline said:

    Loose waves look wonderful on long hair, it’s very elegant yet fun!