Keeping It Basic + My True Opinion on Fashion Week!


New York Fashion Week has been over and done with for a few weeks now, and since then I’ve literally living in jeans and basics. I’ve been reminiscing on my last fashion week and have had the following thoughts. The real NYFW for me consist of the following:

  • Scrambling to pull an outfit together last minute that I think I like and that is kind of cool
  • Arriving late (always late) to the shows and seeing everyone else’s outfits and immediately thinking mine is inadequate
  • Multiple blisters and even more bandaids
  • Wishing that flat shoes were just as trendy as heels. Hating everyone immediately who looks chic in flats or those largely obscene Balenciaga style sneakers.
  • Spending 100’s of $$ on cabs and Ubers. And still I’m always late
  • Waiting roughly 20-50 mins for the “cool” people (aka celebs, big bloggers) to arrive at the shows and presentations cos the brand can’t possible start the show without them. While standing. In heels. Or sitting on the most uncomfortable benches ever.
  • Changing multiple times a day in anywhere that is semi private (ie. cabs, public restrooms etc)
  • Trying to carry a large enough bag that I can shove my fold up flats in so I can get the subway and save some money. If this is successful then walking from the subway to said event/show before hiding just around the corner and popping on my heels that I’m carrying in a plastic bag. Then walking the 100 feet to the show pretending I’ve been in said heels all day and that I’m just so fabulous I’d never even consider ever putting a flat shoe anywhere near my foot ever.
  • Trying to find somewhere to recharge dead phone. Thank goodness for my new battery pack
  • 10 min naps at home before having to change and go out again to the next show
  • Hungry. Always so hungry.
  • Dealing with self esteem issues when it comes to street style photographers. There’s always that feeling of “why am I not being photographed as much as that person is?” – it seems silly but I liken the feeling to being back in high school.

Luckily now FW is over for another season and I can just get on with my every day outfits. I’m living in jeans and blazers these days, and teamed with a pair of kitten sock boots and gold hoops, you’ve got a pretty good outfit in my eyes!

I’M WEARING: River Island Sweater, Blazer, Earrings & Boots


Thanks to River Island for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 3.7.18
    Jenelle said:

    Thank you for being so honest about it all! I felt some of this (in a smaller way) when I went over for MBFWA, the costs overall to go didn’t end up feeling like it was worth it. I can only imagine how much stronger all of those things would feel on a bigger scale over there! For the record, I always love your style, sometimes I see too much of the same bloggers in the street style photos and it’s a bit boring. It’d be nice to see more of the other bloggers like yourself and some of the girls you hang out with more up on Vogue etc!