I was recently introduced to a great new site called Pitchi. Pitchi is an online selling platform that uses video to buy and sell. It’s designed to be more personal, engaging and interactive. The guys at Pitchi realised a hole in the market which was saturated with image based, list formed online selling platforms and wanted to create something different which is great for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The thing that I really like about Pitchi and what I find is a lot different to any other selling platform I’ve used before is that the videos allows you to get an inside view into what the designers are selling on a more personal level. Videos such as this from Corn + Celeste rugs and Eat Me Do Popsicle earrings allow you to find out about the designers themselves and what has inspire them to do what they do. It also gives you a bit of an inside to the making process of the product, something that you would never see on somewhere elsewhere. 

Some of the videos that I love are: 




Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think! 

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