The Best Golden Goose Sneaker Dupes

I absolutely adore my Golden Goose sneakers and honestly think (for me) that they’re worth the price tag. However, I can totally understand that most people don’t want to pay close to $500 for a pair of sneakers. Especially ones that already look a little disheveled when they’re fresh out of the box. I wear mine pretty much every day (along with my Birkenstocks), and they’re great in pretty much every season minus when it snows. However, they do come at a hefty price tag, so I wanted to show you guys some options if you’re wanting to get that Golden Goose look, but for less.

I think the sneakers that are most comparible looks wise to the Golden Goose sneakers are the P448’s. I actually have this pair, and I can tell you that they are just as comfortable as my GG’s, and also come in a range of other colors and styles. They are cheaper than GG’s, coming in around the $275, but still not what I would call cheap for a sneaker.

That’s where these Sam Edelman sneakers come in, which are my pick if you’re looking for more affordable versions. They still have that super slim profile similar to the GG’s and come in 3 different colors. And at $99.95, I think these are the best options!






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