The Best White Pants For Summer

Happy Friday, everyone! SO much has changed since my last blog post, so I wanted to give you an update incase you haven’t been following along over on my Instagram. Alex and I came back to the city about 2.5 weeks ago from The Hamptons, and while it’s been an adjustment getting used to our 1 bedroom apartment again, I’ve been loving it. The city is slowly starting to open up and has a really good energy about it. Sure, it’s a bit weird that everyone is wearing masks (well, most people), but from what I can tell everyone is in really good spirits and are very optimistic about the future.

With the city opening up, we are now allowed to go to restaurants for outdoor dining which I was beyond excited about. So last night I got all dressed up for my first every girls dinner out in over 4 months and went and met Emily in the West Village.

I showed you guys over on my Instagram stories a little BTS of my outfit that I was wearing, and I’m shocked at how many DM’s I got asking for outfit details. I’ve been wearing white pants a lot recently so I wanted to do a blog post on this topic as I know a lot of you are looking for the best white pants for summer also.







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