The perfect moisturiser


IMG_9655 vaseline spray moisturiser

If there is one beauty regime I always follow, it’s to moisturise. I’ve always been very big into ensuring that my skin stay moisturised, not only because it makes your skin look a lot better, but I’m a big sufferer of that awful tight skin feeling when you don’t, which is something that I really cannot stand.

While I try to moisturise day and night, sometimes, like all of us, laziness gets the better of me, and I often find myself skipping it after showering, however regretting it within the hours to come. That was until I discovered the new Vaseline Spray Moisturiser (I went for the Advanced Strength version over the normal or the aloe vera as I suffer from dry skin).

This product is made for people who don’t have enough time, or like me, often are too lazy, as this spray is super convenient and easy to apply. Gone are the days of slopping thick creams onto your skin and rubbing them in until they absorb, as this is literally a spray and go product, while leaving the skin super soft and hydrated. Although they recommend rubbing it into the skin, I find that it absorbs just as well if you just spray it on and go – ready to face the day/night ahead!

Vaseline Spray is available at Priceline – RRP $9.99


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