What I Wore In Miami

Hi everyone! I don’t know if it’s just me (and the fact that I’ve spent the last week down in Florida), but I really am starting to feel those Spring vibes in the air. Warmer weather will be here before we know it!

If you follow me over on my IG, you might have seen that Alex and I went down to Florida at the end of last week to soak up that much needed Vit D. Apart from our mini trip to Pennsylvania we haven’t left the state of NY since last March. We didn’t realize how much we needed this trip until we actually got to Florida!

I know a bunch of you had questions about traveling during COVID, as well as what Miami was like at the moment which I’ll cover in another post. But for this post, I thought I’d do a quick round up of everything I packed and wore during my trip (including some additional things that I didn’t show on my IG!).

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Whenever I’m in Miami, I practically live in swimwear and only really get dressed around 5pm when it’s time to get ready for dinner! I purchased a few new bikinis to take with me on this trip, including this gorgeous set from Abercrombie – the fit is actually really good for the price!



Other than my workout sneakers (my Nike’s and APL’s) I only bought 3 other shoes with me, including my black Birks and these gorgeous Dolce Vita sandals shown below. They are beyond comfy!



One of the things I really tried to get back into while being down in Florida was working out. I’ve been totally unmotivated and uninspired to work out in my apartment in NY (I’m not comfortable going to a public gym at the moment), and I’m pretty pleased with myself for working out 4-5 time while I was down there!

One of the things that I feel really inspires me to get off the couch is by updating my activewear. I know it sounds a bit silly, but it really does work for me! Feeling cute and confident while working out is SO important to me. Even if I feel like I’m not in the best shape, having an outfit that I’m happy to be wearing really does wonders for my motivation at the gym. Again, this might only work for me!

Before heading down to Florida, I ordered some activewear from Abercrombie (see the leopard bike shorts below!) which I’m actually really impressed with. They’re super comfy and are a great price point! I also did a round up of my fav Abercrombie activewear pieces here.


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