2013 In Review – My First Year Blogging


Firstly, a very happy New Years to you all! Last night I celebrated it by spending time with my family which was the perfect way to bring in the New Year. 2013 was a great but very busy year for me… not only with starting my blog and finding something that I love to do, but also living overseas in Virginia, USA then moving back home to Melbourne, Australia, finishing my university degree, studying and finishing my post-graduate degree, traveling to New York for Fashion Week plus a lot, lot more!

I’ve decided to do a bit of a 2013 in review and to look back at the past year on Winston & Willow. It’s funny looking back at when I started in March 2013 and to see how much not only my style has changed, but also the photography and how much better it is now! It makes me excited for the year to come, knowing how much can change in such a small amount of time.

I’d love to hear which outfit/month is your favourite! If you want to see the full outfit post just click on the image – it will take you to the post.


resize1 IMG_7801 resize2 IMG_1560 IMG_0920


IMG_2448 IMG_3925-copy IMG_6766 untitledApril-27-2013-86


untitledMay 05, 2013-38-Edit untitledMay 28, 2013-83 untitledMay-07-2013-127-Edit


untitledJune-17-2013-5 untitledJune-17-2013-41-Edit untitledJune-25-2013-14 untitledJune-28-2013-163


untitledJuly-12-2013-23 untitledJuly-14-2013-181 untitledJuly-23-2013-31 untitledJuly-28-2013-139 untitledJuly-28-2013-268 untitledJune 29, 2013-27


untitledAugust-06-2013-1041 untitledAugust-11-2013-169-copy untitledAugust-24-2013-240-copy untitledAugust-24-2013-401


untitledSeptember 29, 2013-130 untitledSeptember-05-2013-65 untitledSeptember-07-2013-91 untitledSeptember-08-2013-63 untitledSeptember-10-2013-30 untitledSeptember-21-2013-5961


untitledOctober-08-2013-126 untitledSeptember-18-2013-78 untitledSeptember-19-2013-34 untitledSeptember-19-2013-75-copy untitledSeptember-27-2013-67


untitledNovember 22, 2013-140 copy untitledNovember-02-2013-65 untitledNovember-07-2013-28-copy untitledNovember-11-2013-8 untitledNovember-25-2013-12 untitledOctober-19-2013-45


untitledDecember-01-2013-90 untitledDecember-07-2013-10 untitledDecember-15-2013-173-copy untitledDecember-15-2013-220-copy

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  1. 1.1.14
    Daniella said:

    happy new year~xxdaniellasimplybeautifulelegant.blogspot.com

  2. 1.2.14
    Liz Yoon said:

    I randomly found your blog and I am loving your style!!Lots of great outfits your posted this past year!:) Liz @ http://www.rusticpeach.com

  3. 1.3.14
    thankfifi said:

    Happy new year – it’s been wonderful to follow your journey since March and perhaps hopefully in 2014 we will meet in person and not just on Skype! The tulip fields were my personal highlight.xThankfifi

  4. 1.4.14
    Sara-May Selten said:

    Your outfit in the post Tesselaar is amazing/stunning/beautiful, there are too many words to describe it. 🙂

  5. 1.8.14
    Kajsa Josephine Andersen said:

    Thanks for starting a blog, I really enjoy all your outfit posts, I draw inspiration to be bolder. http://kjandersen.org/