Take Me Out To The Ball Game


On Friday night I went to my first ever baseball game and wore this outfit, minus the heels (totally impractical). It sure was interesting. It’s a lot like cricket, a tad on the slow side, more on the boring side. Majority of the time they are just standing around doing nothing (hence the cricket comparison), but nonetheless I had a really good night partly due to all the crazy American food stands they had there… I mean who really needs a hot dog covered in Mac & Cheese, really!? I think I’ve been in the States too long cos I was kinda tempted by it…

 I can’t believe that in 2 weeks (ish) we are moving back to my home city of Melbourne, Australia. I’m really excited to see my friends and family as I haven’t seen them in about 8 months, but at the same time it’s going to be weird to leave America as it has just become the norm to me, although I can’t wait for Australian shopping. We will only be back in Australia for a year then we will be back here, then who knows where! Exciting times ahead.

I was lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous clutch by Brighter Day Bags. It has that home-made personal touch that I love with and came with the most gorgeous dust bag, however is one of the highest quality products I have ever received off Etsy.

 Banana Republic Fur Cardigan (last worn here), H&M T Shirt, Mango Boyfriend Jeans, Zara Vamp Heels (last worn here), Brighter Day Bags Sydney Clutch (Etsy Store here), Michael Kors Gold Watch (similar here and here), Vintage Necklace.Fur Cardigan Etsy Clutch faux fur cardigan boyfriend jeans untitledMay 05, 2013-38-Edit untitledMay 05, 2013-60 untitledMay 05, 2013-79 untitledMay 05, 2013-41-Edit

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  1. 5.6.13

    Hot dog with Mac and Cheese, that sounds both interesting and something I should try once. http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/

  2. 5.6.13

    this is amazing!

  3. 5.6.13
    Kirsty said:

    Love the clutch, and your heels are to die for!x Kirstyhttp://geelongfashionista.wordpress.com

  4. 5.6.13

    This is a really good look x

  5. 5.6.13

    Another beautiful outfit!! I love your jeans and the clutch!! xoxohttp://heelsandpeplum.wordpress.com/

  6. 5.6.13
    Stefani Aplacetogetlost said:

    I love your blog, all your looks are gorgeous!! of this one I love everything, the jacket, the colorful shoes, the boyfriend jeans. As always the pictures are amazing and with hight quality! I am one of your biggest fans :)new look on my blog! http://www.aplacetogetlost.com

  7. 5.6.13
    Poppy's Style said:

    I LOVE people watching at the baseball – we normally get the cheap seats and enjoy a beer or two in the sun! There is no sun in Atlanta right now though and I need that gorgeous cardigan you have on!! xx

    • 5.6.13

      I spent most of the time people watching too! It was freezing though, I don’t know what is up with this weather. Why am I still wearing my winter cardigans in Spring!?

  8. 5.6.13
    Nicole said:

    I love this outfit! Definitely a fun and funky look for a baseball game. My friend keeps trying to convince me to go to a baseball game with him, but it has always seemed like just a lot of standing around to me too.Nicolewww.younglovestyle.blogspot.com

  9. 5.6.13
    Jules said:

    OBSESSED with this look on you, especially your denim. I need those in my life. Seriously. NEED.xoxo,Jules of Canines & Couturewww.caninesandcouture.com

    • 5.6.13

      Thank you! These jeans are amazing and super comfy! They were a reasonable price too 🙂

  10. 5.6.13
    brunetteletters said:

    The shoes give it a great sense of style!!!Always very class…Brunette Letters Blog

  11. 5.6.13
    Julie D. said:

    Nice outfit! I love the torn denim & bright blue heels.Hudson EastHudsonEast.blogspot.com

  12. 5.7.13
    andréa said:

    Love the outfit and I see you found boyfriend denim that fits! Baseball is definitely an acquired taste but glad you got to go to at least 1 game before you left, because it is after all America’s favorite pass time lol-AndréaVA DARLING

  13. 5.7.13
    Ines Ariani said:

    I do really love your denim!

  14. 5.7.13
    Caroline said:

    Oh it sounds like you are embarking on an awesome adventure!!! How wonderful.xostyleontheside.com

  15. 5.7.13
    Carly Dame said:

    Gorgeous outfit! You look casually polished, if that makes sense? Looks like you’ve found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans! :)Experiencing a baseball game is a must while in North America… Even if it can be a little boring! xCarlywww.stylesnapshot.com

  16. 5.7.13

    Charlotte, Those Jeans are Very Hot !!!BraveChica.com

  17. 5.8.13
    Queenly Tan said:

    You dress so simple seriously, but you make it so stylish and dainty 🙂 Always gorgeous <3http://queenlytan.blogspot.com/

  18. 5.8.13
    Jackie said:

    Lo! I feel the same way about baseball but here in Canada we don’t have those crazy food stand! Just the typical food, we’re so boring that way!haha:)Perfect outfit for a game and I love those boyfriend Jeans!! I hope you enjoy your last two weeks in the States…when you move back to Australia, will it be winter there?xo, Jackiewww.stylemydreams.wordpress.com

  19. 5.10.13
    Lu said:

    I love these shoes! Love the color and style. You look gorgeous as usual!http://thefashioness.com/